Customized massage options include: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage.


A customized massage which combines Swedish massage, acupressure and Shiatsu as needed. Whether you prefer a lighter touch or deep pressure, a Soma treatment is a great choice for a full-body relaxation experience.

mens-massageDEEP TISSUE

The best option for people with chronic tension or acute pain, this treatment will work beyond the superficial muscles to target connective tissue and “deep” layers of muscles.

Especially effective in treating areas that are stiff and inflexible, deep tissue massage also greatly improves circulation – giving a boost to healing injured or sore areas.


A great way to recover from an active fitness life, ski weekend or sports-related injury, extra focus is spent on most-used muscles, with incorporated stretching and trigger point work. Restoration of flexibility and range of motion often results. (Sports clothing should be worn during treatments when targeting lower limbs).


Specialized treatments are also available if you have a particular area of concern.

Oftentimes we see clients who have been asked by their chiropractor to get a massage before treatment, to loosen up the area for an improved chiropractic session.

We recommend you book 90 minutes if you have some chronic issues. The body works fairly synergistically as a whole, thus when possible, a full-body treatment is best.